Celebrity Profile

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice are a young four piece band from North London that have taken the alternative rock scene by storm. Their single “Moaning Lisa Smile” from the EP “Creature Songs” peaked at #9 on Billboard Alternative Songs in August 2015, and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance in 2016.

This is the band’s third year of supporting Small Steps Project.

This year they have generously donated a pair of burgundy TUK suede brothel-creepers with black trim in a size 44, worn by Joel. The shoes are signed by the whole band, with “W.A” twice in gold underneath, “Theo! x” on inner side of sole and a smiley face on outer side of sole, “Joff x” on the upper, and “Joel xx” and “Ellie x” on the outer side of the upper.

Joel said, “These dandy red creepers are the very same ones I wore to last years Brit Awards! They helped me stick out even more like a sore thumb amongst the pop stars and celebs. If they could talk they might have a few stories to tell… I haven’t asked them, but here’s your chance!”